12 how does an age structure graph differ in

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Unformatted text preview: f each and provide examples of populations in New Jersey which show the types of growth. Be sure to label carrying 10. capacity (K) on your logistic growth graph. Distinguish between populations that show K- selection versus those that show r- selection. What types of populations exhibit these selective pressures? Why? 11. The ecosystem in the Gulf coast was and still is being severely impacted by the oil spill. List some density- dependent factors that may limit population growth and some density- independent factors that may limit population growth in that area. 12. How does an age- structure graph differ in developing countries versus industrialized countries? 13. Graph a predator- prey relationship. How do their population numbers affect each other? 14. Explain how the competitive exclusion principle leads to resource partitioning and therefore niche specialization. 15. Create a chart to describe the interspecific interaction...
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