Why is a pyramid of production a good way to depict

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Unformatted text preview: s. Include four columns; the interaction, the effect on one species, the effect on the other species and an example. Include the following interactions: competition, predation, herbivory, parasitism, mutualism and commensalism. Use the symbols “+” and “–“ to indicate the effect on each species. AP Biology 2 16. What is biodiversity? What are the benefits of biodiversity? What factors reduce biodiversity? Explain the dangers of a monoculture. 17. How may the loss of a keystone species affect biodiversity? Give an example. 18. Given the picture below, describe the process of ecological succession occurring in each frame. 19. How does primary succession differ from secondary succession? Which is shown in the picture above? 20. Why is an ecosystem’s net primary production lower than its gross primary production? Why is a pyramid of production a good way to depict the flow of energy through the trophic levels? 21. Describe a generalized biogeochemical nutrient cycle. 22. Why does energy flow, but nutrients cycle? 23. What are decomposers? Explain the important role they play in the ecosystem. 24. What % of the energy from the previous trophic level is converted to biomass at the next trophic level? What happens to the rest of the energy? How does this limit the size of a food chain? 25. Many freshwater lake comm...
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