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Biodiversity primary producers autotrophs

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Unformatted text preview: els food chain/ webs biomass invasive species ecological succession primary succession secondary succession biodiversity primary producers autotrophs primary consumers heterotrophs secondary consumers tertiary consumers detritivores (decomposers) biogeochemical cycles water cycle carbon cycle nitrogen cycle phosphorus cycle acid precipitation biological magnification greenhouse effect Objective Questions 1. Why is ecology so closely tied to evolutionary biology? 2. What is the difference between an innate and a learned behavior. Why do you think some behaviors have evolved to be innate? 3. For each of the behaviors below, provide a definition and an example: a. Fixed action pattern (FAP) b. Imprinting (include sensitive period in your explanation) c. Habituation d. Classical conditioning e. Operant conditioning 4. Discuss the difference between taxis and kinesis. Give an example of each. 5. Competition among individuals for food and mates...
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