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Ch 2 Review - Chem 1 Chapter 2 Review Oct 9 2012 Dr...

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Chem 1 Oct. 9, 2012 Chapter 2 Review Dr. Casagrande/Mrs. Rinaldi Recall & recognize the SI units for length, volume, mass, time, and temperature. Be able to use the density equation to calculate the density of a sample given its mass and volume. Recognize when a number is written in correct scientific notation and convert numbers from decimal notation to scientific notation and vice-versa. Recognize and explain the difference between accuracy and precision in measurements. Calculate the percent error in a measurement given the experimental and accepted values using the formula in Chart B in the information packet. Determine the number of sig. figs. in a number or measurement and round all calculations to the correct number of significant figures. Be able to perform common dimensional analysis problems given the needed relationships. Explain how the metric prefixes modify the base units, and be able to use the conversion factors in Chart A in the information packet to convert between units. Describe a graph, independent and dependent variables, direct and inverse relationships, determine the
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