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Tammie Tse tt6377 ANT302 7/26/07 1 The Italian Job Anyone who has a passion for drinking wine would be familiar with Chianti, which is the most famous red wine from Italy. Named after a region in Tuscany, Chianti, like other commodities, is brought over to the United States where it is infiltrated into our custom of wine drinking ("Chianti" 2007). For the drinker, Chianti is just a representation of a fine afternoon when you can sit in the kind sun and sip away. For the laborers in Italy, the process of picking the grapes to bottling the wine is all but relaxing. While we take for granted the sweet taste of all that we consume, it helps to be informed of all the work that is put into producing what we call luxury. Because Chianti has many varieties and is marketed by many companies, I will be focusing on Chianti Riserva produced by Castello di Nipozzano. All the way from Italy, Chianti Riserva has made a significant impact on the American food and beverage industry and even the production of this red wine should be recognized for its aesthetic value. Throughout the course of my research, I hit many roadblocks as to having an interview with a buyer. Randalls and HEB managers would not talk to me or give me the number of a person who has adequate information that I need. The reason being is that I am not 21 and they “do not want to be liable and responsible for poisoning the minds of the underage by giving information about alcoholic beverages (Anonymous, per. com. 2007).” While time was running out, I would have been more satisfied to have an actual interview with someone rather than have to resort to all research. I was able to interview a family friend, Mary Li, who works for Tony Mandola’s Gulf Coast Kitchen and is very
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Tammie Tse tt6377 ANT302 7/26/07 2 knowledgeable about wines and vineyards because she frequently visits wineries for wine tasting. When tourists visit Italy, seeing the famous vineyards is always a vacation
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Commodity Chain Paper - Tammie Tse tt6377 1 ANT302 7/26/07...

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