Ransomnotes-Pampanga ethnography

Ransomnotes-Pampanga ethnography - Tammie Tse MUS 303P 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Tammie Tse MUS 303P 1 Ransomed on the Other Side of the World A Ransom Notes and Pampanga Ethnography Every year in August, it is a tradition that on the day before the fall semester begins at the University of Texas at Austin, new students come out to the tower where they enjoy a presentation of live music and get introduced to various organizations at the school. This annual event is known as Gone to Texas, named after an incident about 100 years ago when adventurers seeking a fresh start left nothing behind at their original home except for 3 letters carved into their doors letting people know of their destination: GTT, Gone to Texas! (Meckel 2007). Not only is this event a long time custom of the UT, but this affair brings together a congregate of people from all over the world to one location in order to welcome them to a new stage in life. This is a phenomenal demonstration of migration that enables the staff at the University to familiarize everyone with the customs of our school and at the same time, allows for everyone to embrace their own culture with pride. Among the thousands of students present, I was fortunate enough to be able to conduct a case study on a very specific incident that happened that night when one of the performances reminded one fellow student of their home. Gone to Texas is meant to be a salutation for all newcomers, but it does more than just that; it has become a cross-cultural fusion where Tammie Tse MUS 303P 2 students who are far away from where theyre from could seek sanctuary at this new place they will be calling home. I arrived on the night of August 28, 2007 at 8 oclock excited to see what this school has to offer. It was located at the South Mall at the tower, and even from far away, I could see lots of equipment being set up to light up and record. I walked up the stairs from the six pack in the southwest corner of the lot where I was offered a glass of ice water. There were already a plethora of students present and I notice that the grass field was divided by colleges with chairs for people to sit; I sat in the Liberal Arts college section. I did not get a very good view of the show from my location because everyone around me was conversing with their neighbors and there were lots of people and camera crew in my line of sight. The night went on and there were different speakers informing the students of some interesting demographics about the school. The band was located in front of the stage and played popular UT tunes for students to sing along in between speakers and acts. Musical acts popular UT tunes for students to sing along in between speakers and acts....
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Ransomnotes-Pampanga ethnography - Tammie Tse MUS 303P 1...

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