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Unformatted text preview: Tammie Tse tt6377 PHL W304 1 The Sea Inside Topic #1 The Sea Inside is based on a true story of a Galician fisherman named Ramon Sampedro who, after a driving accident off a coast, is destined to spend the rest of his life in bed. He asks for permission from the courts to be able to end his own life because he felt that his life was not worth living anymore and that he only serves as a burden to those who love him. I believe that Ramon should not have lost the case because I believe that he did have the moral liberty-right to end his own life if he was able to. A person’s life, like anything else within one’s possession, should be under the control of that person alone. Life is a right, not an obligation. Because a person owns their own life, they should be allowed to cease it as well as do anything else they’d like to it as long as it does not put physical harm on anyone else. Ramon feels that his life isn’t worth living and thus believes that he would be better off dead because physical harm on anyone else....
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