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Paul Test 1 Study Guide - Paul Test 1 Study Guide 16:24:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Paul Test 1 Study Guide 06/02/2008 16:24:00 Prologue 1. Prisca and Aquila: • in Corinth because they had to leave Rome after the boundries of pomerium had changed and now included their temple. • The emperor despised Jews and their prophecies and was upset about the public physical disputes Jews were fighting with other Jews • They left so that they would not have to live in hiding. • Priscas family lived in conflict because her and Aquila believed that Jesus was the Messiah and her Father disagreed (her mother was stuck in the middle) – they did not believe that the “messiah” would be responsible for dividing a family • They were Jews 2. Paul: • The words Paul said to timothy that were so encouraging to Prisca were: “ For the Lord himself will descend from Heaven with a cry of command, with the archangel’s call and the sound of the trumpet of God” o The thought of his coming was what “swelled in her like a breath of well-being” 3. Erastus – the manager of their public markets in Corinth • The person Prisca and Aquila had paid their taxes to 6 months prior • Official person with a “fat official presence” 4. Apelles – the shoemaker that was a not a big fan of the Jewish people 5. Timothy – Paul’s young scribe that went with Paul on his second journey. Was born a Greek but raised Roman and was taught to honor the Gods by Father Part 1 1. James – James the Just: had a great devotion to God and prayed even for those he did not like. Had a great love for the Torah • Did not like Stephen and Saul because he felt they had no thought of consequence • He did not like the fact that they had not seen the Lord alive, they only lately arrived in Jerusalem and didn’t know Hebrew (only Greek) •...
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Paul Test 1 Study Guide - Paul Test 1 Study Guide 16:24:00...

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