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Acts and Treaties Continued

Acts and Treaties Continued - History 202 Notes Tea Act in...

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History 202 Notes Tea Act in 1773: gave the British East Indian company a monopoly over all teas sold in the colonies. Boston’s Radical Sons of Liberty dumped a shipload of tea into the harbor in response to the Tea Act. George Washington was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army Lord Dunmore accepted African Americans into his Army since George Washington did not. He saw this as an advantage. George Washington stated “Success will depend on which side can arm the Negro faster.” A religious group called The Society of Friends began a movement among whites to abolish slavery. The Peace of Paris, which was signed in 1783, recognized the independence of the United States from Britain. The Northwest Ordinance provided for the orderly sale of land, support for public education, territorial government, and eventual formation of new states. It also banned slavery in the Northwest Territories only. The first abolitionist group was the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery that was founded by Anthony Benezer.
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