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summary 11 - Summary#11 The use of the Old Testament by the...

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Summary #11 The use of the Old Testament by the New Testament writers is a very complicated and detailed subject. What must be kept in mind while dealing with this subject is the fact that there was not an “Old Testament” in existence when the “New Testament writers” were working. There was such thing, although, as Jewish scriptures; which were in fact read and re-read by the new scribes. Even during Jesus’ time these scriptures were commonly turned to for reference. There were many problems and factors associated with the use of the New Testament by Old Testament writers for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: the status of the OT canon in the first century and the different variety of resources available also it is questionable how related each passage was to one that was written before it. It is hard to distinguish between works that were dependent on OT writings and those that just show signs of past writings. There are four obvious ways in which the NT texts are linked to the scriptures including: 1. A direct
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