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2 3 4 section chiefs advancement plant managers to

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Unformatted text preview: g Proposals and Decision Making 1. 2. 3. 4. Section Chiefs Advancement Plant Managers to the next VP for Operations level depends Capital Expenditures on cost Committee Committee and strategic and strategic 5. President importance. 6. Board of Directors 8 Certified Financial Controller CFC 4 Estimating After-Tax AfterIncremental Cash Flows Basic characteristics of Basic characteristics of relevant relevant project flows • Cash (not accounting income) flows • Operating (not financing) flows financing) flows • After-tax flows After• Incremental flows 9 Certified Financial Controller CFC Estimating After-Tax AfterIncremental Cash Flows Principles that must be adhered Principles that must be adhered to to in the estimation • Ignore sunk costs • Include opportunity costs • Include project-driven changes in changes in working working capital net of spontaneous changes in current liabilities • Include effects of inflation 10 Certified Financial Controller CFC 5 Tax Considerations and Depreciation • Depreciation represents the systematic the systematic allocation of the cost of a capital asset over a period of time for...
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