Chap 12 psych outline

Chap 12 psych outline - Chapter 12: Personality Development...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12: Personality Development in Adulthood o What is the Nature of Adult Development? o Temperament and Traits: From Childhood to Adulthood During adulthood itself, an individuals traits are relatively stable At the same time, the average level of traits shifts over the lifespan Between the ages of 20 and 80, neuroticism, extraversion and openness decline but agreeableness and conscientiousness increase o Models of the Self and the World Young adults often overemphasize the degree to which others notice them. o What are Young Adults Like? o The Task of Young Adulthood The transition to adulthood is termed Emerging Adulthood This period involves sort of rehearsal for later life in which one begins to put into practice ones plans for adulthood During this period, occupations are chosen, adult relationships are commenced and the young person begins climbing the steps of a ladder toward greater accomplishments. Young people tend to keep their options open because they are uncertain about the career or relationships that are the best o Finding a Desirable Partner In Search of Intimacy Men tend to favor physical appearance attributes more than women, whereas women seek men with financial status and ambition that may lead to their higher status. Evolutionary explanation: health and fertility associated with good looks, men have good resources if they have money Young men report far more sex partners than do women Women who have gone through a very upsetting experience find an attractive man more romantically appealing than in other circumstances Higher levels of sexuality may well predict having more partners and a more active dating life in early adulthood Falling In Love Passionate love: A strong feeling for a partner involving intense arousal and longing for joining with the other Companionate Love: A caring and desire for another person with whom our lives intertwine. It emphasizes...
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Chap 12 psych outline - Chapter 12: Personality Development...

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