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Lombardi 1 Phil Lombardi Troy and the Trojan War Professor Leggett April 1 st , 2008 The Influences of The Odyssey on Today’s World Although The Odyssey is hundreds of years old, the ideas brought up in it can still be seen throughout the culture of today. The idea of the wandering hero can be seen in many different areas. Many authors use this idea to shape their characters. They employ many of the same themes that Homer used when telling his tale. These themes can also be applied in some of our every day lives. Many of the things we see or know from our daily lives have deep ties to the ancient story of Odysseus. A major work of literature that many know is Lord of the Rings . This story has numerous ties to the works of Homer. When comparing The Lord of the Rings to The Odyssey , many similarities can be made between Frodo and Odysseus. Wandering heroes tend to go through many of the same obstacles, and Frodo and Odysseus are no exception. One of the obstacles wandering heroes face is the role of royal women or sorceresses. For Odysseus, he is trapped on an island by the sorceress Calypso, who does not allow him to leave. Odysseus has no way to leave the island, and is stuck there for years. If not for his stout heart he would have given up entirely and once there is a way for him to get off, he seizes the opportunity and leaves. Frodo faces a similar obstacle in The Lord of the Rings , but for different reasons. When the fellowship travels through
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Lombardi 2 Lorien, the sorceress Galadriel offers them hospitality and rest for as long as they would like. They get so comfortable there that they do not want to leave. They end of staying for months, unable to bring themselves to leave Galadriel’s home. The use of a woman as a hindrance in epic tales is a common idea. Women normally are not portrayed as the strong and domineering ones, and yet they are the ones holding the hero back. This obstacle offers insight into the hero by showing another side to them. The hero is often proud and strong, but yet is subdued by a woman. It shows the human side of the hero, and also the inborn instincts of men. Another obstacle that the hero faces would be monsters of some form or another. Often there is some form of a Sea Monster. For Odysseus, his monsters are the Cyclops, and Scylla and Charybdis of the sea. He battles through them all and comes out unscathed, although loses many men in the process. Much of the same happens to Frodo. Frodo has to deal with the Watcher in the Water, a
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Odyssey - Lombardi 1 Phil Lombardi Troy and the Trojan War...

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