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Caitlin Duncan March 2008 Remley Classical Era Assignment (Vocal) 1. The development of solo singing and increased understanding of the principles of effective orchestral accompaniment led to great changes in the style of musical treatment of the mass, and the settings of the late 18 th Century and early 19 th Century composers, however musically effective, have not the devotional quality of the settings of the late 16 th and 17 th Centuries. 2. Gluck wanted to return opera to its origins, focusing on human drama and passions, and making words and music of equal importance. First work during
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Unformatted text preview: the reformation was his reformist ballet Don Juan. He wanted to make the drama of the work more important than the performers, and do away with recitative that took away from the action of the play. 3. Opera Seria – the chief operatic genre, becoming very formal and complex, with elaborate display arias. Mythological subjects were commonly used. Comic Opera – Began as us of a comic subject involving characters drawn from everyday life. 4. Comic Opera Italy – Opera Buffa, Farce France – Opera Bouffe England – Operetta Germany – Singspiel...
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