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Unformatted text preview: exposure to the customer is an opportunity to buy, and the image of the outlet used is of less significant factor in the customer’s mind than the impression of the product. Exclusive distribution is a way to gain more control over intermediaries regarding price, credit and promotional policies, greater loyalty and more determined selling of the company’s products. Selective distribution is used where the facilities, resources or image of the outlet can have a direct impact on customers’ impressions of the product. Learning how to distribute your product Channel structure: Channel structure: Channel structure affects: control over the performance of functions, the speed of delivery and communication, and the cost of operations. The control over the performance of functions will have a certain role of employees that will complete their tasks given and report to the upper hand with the task complete. There will be a structured environment for each employment and at the end of the day all management will send the owner there structured information they will fill out on a day to day basis. This will help keep the owner informed on its distributions...
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