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Unformatted text preview: e is several transportation areas that can deliver across the world located in San Antonio. There are many distributors that cross through San Antonio that would be interested in distributing our food products. This will help the flow of business and possibly help Hostess grow. Hostess distribution must make a policy choice between selling directly to customers and employing salespeople and using intermediaries or selling through agents, wholesalers and retailers. Weighing out the options of what marketing channel to go through can be simple for some industries such as Hostess. The best route Hostess can take to save them money and make money is to sell through wholesalers, and retailers such as H­E­B, Wal­Mart, Costco, Valero, and etc. This marketing channel is the way Hostess can save money and gain money and also become known and distributed throughout the world. Three distribution strategies, resulting in varying degrees of market exposure, can be distinguished. Intensive distribution is every...
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