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Unformatted text preview: on. This will be another girl/boy scout foundation that will team up with the girl/boy scout cookie foundation. There will be opportunities for people to order through the school and get our products delivered to them within the following month. This unique selling style will show the people how much we want them to enjoy our product and hopefully fulfil there children’s tummies. Customers & Target Customers & Target Market: The customers I will perceive into my business of reopening the Hostess Factory would be more or less of everyone who enjoys sweet, rich, snacks. I think that more of the generation x, generation y, and generation z are more likely to enjoy the snacks hostess had provided and will now reconfigure to provide. I think that all generations ranging from different ages are all involved in snack products and reopening hostess should excite there taste buds. Having customers throughout the whole world is a plus but if the food isn’t better then what it was this reopening could go very bad. The people who will be most important to the market...
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  • Fall '12
  • McCurdy
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