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Unformatted text preview: are the new generation z customers. Every elementary and middle school kid loves snacks for there lunch and no parent say no to what they want for lunch. The goal for reopening Hostess is to aim at the little children’s taste buds that parents love to please. I think that going about pleasing children and providing great food for them will be advantage for the reopening of Hostess. Many doubt that Hostess will reopen and surprise, surprise here it comes. I think this will benefit this company tremendously going about the advertising to children way. We can entertain kids with food while the parents relax for a little bit. Market Segmentation: Market Segmentation: The target of reopening Hostess is to present the bigger and better advantage of the new taste behind Hostess. Now there are many ways to make this go well, one is to advance the ingredients to hopefully make them better for the people who want to eat our product. The plan on advertising is to set certain days and certain times most people would enjoy a snack. We make a survey of when and what time people enjoy sweets and we cast...
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