Supplies costmorethan10000 vehiclesfordelivery

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Unformatted text preview: ur products and whom we would actually like to carry them. In general, for convenience products, intense distribution is desirable, but only brands that have a certain amount of power can established brand names can hope to gain national intense distribution. For convenience goods, intense distribution is less likely to harm the brand image it is not a problem, for Hostess to be available in a convenience store along with bargain brands it is expected that people will not travel much for these products, so they should be available anywhere the consumer demands them. Since Hostess has distributed from local stores before this could potentially help them regain the same distributors they have had previously. Supply chain has two major parts the first is that practically every product that reaches an end user represents the cumulative effort of multiple organizations. These organizations are referred to collectively as the supply chain. The second idea is that while supply chains have existed for a long time, most or...
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