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Unformatted text preview: advertisements within those times. I don’t know about you but when I see something good on television I want it right then. This should help bring people in to trying the new product of Hostess and hopefully enjoying every bite of it. There will be an advertisement of someone cutting a ribbon to the Hostess factory running in there and taking a sweet, delicious bite of a Twinkie. This should cover most people who watch ABC, CNN, and MTV. There will be new advertisements on billboards with pictures of a land of Twinkies with someone floating on top enjoying a Twinkie him or herself. I think this will help draw people into the excitement of the reopening of Hostess. Place & Marketing Place & Marketing channels: My factory would be located in Texas preferably located in San Antonio so there will be Owner eyes on it through out its distribution start up. This location will be convenient for truckers and will be easy to find for those who will be picking up product form surrounding areas. Ther...
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  • Fall '12
  • McCurdy
  • hostess, Chelsea Nelson, Hostess Factory, product. Hostess Brands, brands. Hostess Brands, best route Hostess

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