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Unformatted text preview: Dongs, and Ho Ho's, and other sweet baked goods under the Hostess, Chelsea Nelson and Dylan Hayes. This company will still become one of the biggest snack distributors and will remark all the places it originally was sold at. Company Values & Unique Company Values & Unique Selling Proposition: No matter how many people have replaced the Twinkies we had provided we will beat that. We want to make sure everyone has the satisfaction of great sweet food. The company’s values will contain satisfying the consumers and the producers of the food that is consumed. All employees will have a chance to become a full­time employee with great options of health care for themselves and there family. We will strive to not only make this company delicious but also make it successful. The unique selling proposition we will go about is making it possible to have everyone notified that Hostess is back, bigger, and better then it ever was. We will present ourselves through out the news, through newspaper, television, billboards, and door to door communicati...
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  • Fall '12
  • McCurdy
  • hostess, Chelsea Nelson, Hostess Factory, product. Hostess Brands, brands. Hostess Brands, best route Hostess

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