First Aid Chapter 1 cont'd

unsure of the injury or illness has or may develop a

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Unformatted text preview: n •  Know the quickest route to the nearest medical facility •  Two is better than one •  Pay close attention to there vitals •  NEVER let them transport themselves NEVER Transport a Person If. . . •  Unsure of the injury or illness •  Has or may develop a life threatening condition •  T ransportation may cause additional injury Reaching and Moving. . . An Injured Person…Exceptions •  Faced with immediate danger Fire Risk of explosion Risk of a collapsing structure Lack of oxygen Scene not safe Reaching and Moving. . . An Injured Person…Exception •  Faced with two injured people •  Giving CPR, needs a flat firm surface Emergency Moves •  Walking Assist •  Pack-Strap Carry •  Two-Person Seat Carry •  Clothes Drag •  Blanket Drag •  Foot Drag The Pack Strap Carry Two- Person Seat Carry Clothes Drag Carry Blanket Drag Checking a Conscious Person —༉  Checking a...
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