First Aid Chapter 1 cont'd

Do you feel pain or discomfort anywhere do you have

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Unformatted text preview: conscious person with no immediate life- threatening conditions involves two steps: —༉  Interview the person and bystanders —༉  Check the person from HEAD to TOE Conduc;ng Interviews —༉  Identify yourself and get consent to give care —༉  Ask the persons name (make them feel comfortable) —༉  Ask questions: —༉  What happened? —༉  Do you feel pain or discomfort anywhere? —༉  Do you have any allergies? —༉  Do you have any medical conditions or are you taking any medication? Interviews with a Child —༉  Approach slowly and gently and give them time to get comfortable with you —༉  Get down on their level, kneel on the ground so you’re eye to eye or lower than them Head to Toe Check: ADULT —༉  Do not move any areas where there is pain or discomfort —༉  Check the person’s head —༉  Look for cuts, bruises, bumps or depressions —༉  Watch for change...
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