Psychology Ass. 1

Psychology Ass. 1 - Desiree Wilcox 9/14/07 Psychology #1...

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Desiree Wilcox 9/14/07 Psychology #1 You are a Researcher… There are many research methods used by researchers to investigate and understand behaviors and situations among human beings. Each method is effective if used correctly and carefully to investigate a situation that it suits the best. When investigating gender differences in aggressive behavior in the work place, an experiment would be the most effective research method compared to the other four methods, which include naturalistic observation, case studies, surveys and correlation studies. Depending on the situation, the method used to investigate it will differ. The reason being that each method has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Naturalistic observation would be excellent in a situation where you need not to interfere with the participants being observed (Bernstein & Nash, 2008, p. 26). When observing a work situation to see if gender is a factor in aggressive behavior, interacting with the workers would not be necessary. However, there are a number of defects in this method. The participants may not act as they usually
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Psychology Ass. 1 - Desiree Wilcox 9/14/07 Psychology #1...

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