CSCPhishing ESSAY - Desiree Wilcox CSC101 November 26, 2007...

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Desiree Wilcox November 26, 2007 CSC101 Phishing – Online Scam People all around the world are being fooled and scammed out of money through the Internet. An online scam is a way of making a quick profit through a fraudulent scheme. Scammers, or the individuals or organizations that carry out these scams, have evolved many different techniques in order to get innocent people’s money. These scams come in many different forms and for that reason it is difficult to warn the public and inform them on all the different scams they should be aware of. Over the years, the methods used by scammers were brought to the attention of the public and for this reason many new and more “sneaky” techniques have developed. Phishing is a very popular and very effective scam that takes very large amounts of money from innocent people. Phishing scams work when an online criminal creates a fake website, or email, or another page where an innocent person can enter their personal information, including billing information. The scammers make the page look authentic and from there the victim believes it is a safe page to enter such information. The information the victim believes is being sent to the company shown on the page is in reality being transferred to the scammers where they can then use it to their advantage. The scammers will take, as much money as they wish and the large amounts lost each year by the victims is astounding! Scammers take huge amounts of innocent victim’s money. One specific scam called the phishing scam can take up to $18,000 annually from its victims. It is a very unfortunate experience but is very common. One would want to believe that since this is such a common occurrence, the general public would be aware of the methods used. However, the wide variety makes this difficult to accomplish. There are many
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CSCPhishing ESSAY - Desiree Wilcox CSC101 November 26, 2007...

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