MKT 517 Unit I Exam

C usto me r e q uity re late s to the lif e time

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Unformatted text preview: re late s to the lif e time value to a f irm o f its custo me r re latio nship s and is e nhance d thro ug h strate g ie s that attract and re tain p ro f itab le custo me rs and cro ss-se ll ad d itio nal p ro d ucts and se rvice s to the m. Q u e s ti o n 5 Comp lete Ma rked out of 1 .0 0 Fla g q uestion What is inte rnal b rand ing ? Discuss the imp o rtance o f inte rnal b rand ing f o r se rvice co mp anie s Inte rnal b rand ing me ans to p o sitio n the b rand inte rnally T he imp o rtance o f inte rnal b rand ing —making sure that me mb e rs o f the o rg anizatio n are p ro p e rly alig ne d with the b rand and what it re p re se nts. Much o f the b rand ing lite rature has take n an e x te rnal p e rsp e ctive , f o cusing o n strate g ie s and tactics that f irms sho uld take to b uild o r manag e b rand e q uity with custo me rs. Witho ut q ue stio n, at the he art o f all marke ting activity is the p o sitio ning o f a b rand and the e sse nce o f its me aning with co nsume rs. Eq ually imp o rtant, ho we ve r, is p o sitio ning the b rand inte rnally. Fo r se rvice co mp anie s e sp e cially, it’s critical that all e mp lo ye e s have an up -to -d ate and d e e p und e rstand ing o f the b rand . Re ce ntly, a numb e r o f co mp anie s have p ut f o rth initiative s to imp ro ve the ir inte rnal b rand ing . myclasses.caluniver uiz/r eview.php?attempt= 25167 2/3 13/4/17 M KT 517 Unit I Exam Finish re vie w MAIN_2013T3_MKT 517_01 Joule 2 ma nua ls Mood lerooms knowled ge b a se P owered b y © Cop yright 2 0 1 3 Mood lerooms Inc, All R ights R eserved myclasses.caluniver uiz/r eview.php?attempt= 25167 3/3...
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