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3 n n o r n h r propose a synthesis of novocaine from

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Unformatted text preview: n atoms or less. a. understand the basic biochemistry of a biological process. O N O H N NH2 CH3 O N H3C N N H O O O H3C O N H2 C H3 O O b. use tools, such as molecular modeling, to design a molecular structure that would facilitate a desired biological response. c. prepare and evaluate the designed molecular structure. Give a last step in a synthesis of novocaine. novocaine. Choose the best method for the last step in the synthesis of novocaine. novocaine. O O N N O O ? NH2 NH2 ? N H OH N N (A) OH (B) O O SOCl2 HO NH2 Cl NH2 2 5/5/2010 Choose the best method for...
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