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Unformatted text preview: re pulling up the pulley axis.   Lek Pulley:   Two tensions (of the same magnitude, W/2) are pulling down the pulley axis.   The support is pulling up the pulley axis with force W.   If the mass moves up by x cm then we must pull the rope down by 2x cm. Mass   A diagram that shows schemaWcally all the forces acWng on a system is called a free‐body diagram.   Forces are represented as arrows whose lengths and direcWons correspond to the magnitudes and direcWons of the forces, respecWvely.   Isolate the object that you are interested in, and draw all the forces exerted on it.   A 1.350kg cylinder is prevented from rolling down a ramp at 30.0° to the horizontal by a block of wood. a)  What is the normal force of the ramp on the cylinder? b)  What is the force of the block on the cylinder? 1.350...
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