Exam #1 study guide (1)(1)

Exam #1 Study Guide (1)(1)
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Unformatted text preview: Evan 101 E VANGELISM & C HRISTIAN L IFE E XAM 1 S TUDY G UIDE (M ODULE /W EEK 1) Be able to recognize the following verses and their references. Romans 3:23 Romans 6:23 Isaiah 64:6 Titus 3:5 Romans 5:8 1 John 1:5 Romans 10:910 Questions taken from The Call by Dr. Gutierrez Chapter 1 Can one receive a full, clear teaching of any biblical concept from just a few verses? What is the only way to salvation? Page 1 of 13 Evan 101 Why cant spiritual lostness be remedied by human means? Is a persons salvation based on his feelings? What is the true gauge for holiness? Even though an unsaved person can perform charitable deeds and express kindness that reflects Christianity, (be able to complete the sentence). What are some bargaining arguments people might use to argue their salvation? In Matthew 5:3, what does poor mean? When can we understand the true value of the mercy God lavishes on us? Page 2 of 13 Evan 101 The payment of ones sin must come from a source that is what? When does a personal relationship with God start? The Lord Jesus Christ provided a payment for our sin even when(be able to complete the sentence). Peoples souls do not receive punishment because of a lack of an invitation to receive the peace of Jesus Christ, but (be able to complete the sentence). Romans 10:910 teaches that if we want to accept Christ, we must do what? Before we can confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, we must have a cognitive understanding of what? Be able to define atonement and sufficient. Page 3 of 13 Evan 101 Is salvation simply a matter of cognitive knowledge? Questions taken from The Call by Dr. Gutierrez Chapter 2 Demons believe that Jesus is God, the Jesus Christs sacrifice was indeed sufficient to save sins, and(be able to complete the sentence). ...
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