Which of the following is true a mars is much bigger

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Unformatted text preview: o the mass of the Earth d. Much less than the mass of the Earth e. Much more than the mass of Jupiter and the Sun combined 5. Which of the following is true? a. Mars is much bigger than Earth b. There is no atmosphere on Mars c. There are extensive dust storms on Mars from time to time d. We know little about the surface of Mars because of its heavy cloud deck. e. Mars has one very large moon, similar to Earth’s Moon. 6. The surface of Mars appears a. Red b. Purple c. Green d. White e. Black 7. What element is Jupiter primarily made of? a. Iron b. Silicon c. Hydrogen d. Carbon e. Nitrogen 8. The equatorial diameter of Jupiter is about 6% larger than its polar diameter. This is because a. Jupiter rotates rapidly b. The satellites of Jupiter distort its shape c. Beneath the clouds, Jupiter has many equatorial mountains d. The Sun’s gravity has distorted Jupiter e. Large storms are present in Jupiter’s atmosphere 9. The ______ of a planet is the region around the planet where the magnetic field is able to deflect the solar wind. a. Aurora b. Magnetosphere c. Hydrosphere d. Biosphere e. Atmosphere 10. The interior of Jupiter and Saturn contains ________, which is not found naturally on Earth. a. ozone b. ammonia c. metallic hydrogen d. CO2 e. N2...
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