15 b the fbi and secret service are both responsible

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Unformatted text preview: e, and easily understand. Other types of crimes usually have evidence that is more tangible in nature, and which is easier to handle and control. 11. C. The chain of custody outlines a process to ensure that under no circumstance was there a possibility for the evidence to be tampered with. If the chain of custody is broken, there is a high probability that the evidence will not be admissible in court. If it is admitted, it will not carry as much weight. 12. B. If the computer was actually attacked or involved in a computer crime, there is a good possibility that useful information could still reside in memory. Specific tools can be used to actually dump this information and save it for analysis before the power is removed. 13. B. It can be very difficult to determine if computer-generated material has been modified before it is presented in court. Since this type of evidence can be altered without being detected, the court cannot put a lot of weight on this evidence. Many times, computer-generated evidence is considered hearsay in that there is no firsthand proof backing it up. 14. C. For evidence to be admissible, it must be sufficient, reliable, and relevant to the case. For evidence to be reliable, it must be consistent with fact and must not be based on opinion or be circumstantial. 15. B. The FBI and Secret Service are both responsible for investigating computer crimes. They have their own jurisdictions and rules outlining who investigates which types of crimes. 16. D. Companies need to be very careful about the items they use to entice intruders and attackers, because this may be seen as entrapment by the court. It is best to get the legal department involved before implementing these items. Putting a honeypot in place is usually seen as the use of enticement tools. ch10.indd 919 12/4/2009 11:39:15 AM All-in-1 / CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Ed. / Harris / 160217-8 CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide 920 17. A. It is imperative that the company gets human resources involved if an empl...
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