3 when it is necessary for a person to access

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Unformatted text preview: governed by the following attributes: • Consistency with all legal systems • Allowance for the use of a common language • Durability • Ability to cross international and state boundaries • Ability to instill confidence in the integrity of evidence • Applicability to all forensic evidence • Applicability at every level, including that of individual, agency, and country ch10.indd 888 12/4/2009 11:39:11 AM All-in-1 / CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Ed. / Harris / 160217-8 Chapter 10: Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigations 889 The IOCE/SWDGE principles are listed next: 1. When dealing with digital evidence, all of the general forensic and procedural principles must be applied. 2. Upon the seizing of digital evidence, actions taken should not change that evidence. 3. When it is necessary for a person to access original digital evidence, that person should be trained for the purpose. 4. All activity relating to the seizure, access, storage, or transfer of digital evidence must be fully documented, preserved, and available for review. 5. An individual is responsible for all actions taken with respect to digital evidence while the digital evidence is in their possession. 6. Any agency that is responsible for seizing, accessing, storing, or transferring digital evidence is responsible for compliance with these principles. So, there you go. Do all of that, and we will finally achieve world peace. N OTE NOTE The Digital Forensic Science Research Workshop (DFSRW) brings together academic researchers and forensic investigators to also address a standardized process for collecting evidence, to research practitioner requirements and incorporate a scientific method as a tenant of digital forensic science. The DFSRW holds an annual workshop in the U.S. Learn more at http://www.dfrws.org/index.shtml. Motive, Opportunity, and Means MOM did it. Today’s computer criminals are similar to their traditional counterparts. To understand the “whys” in crime, it is necessary to understand the motive, opportunity, and means—or MOM. This is the same strategy used to determine the suspects in a traditional, noncomputer crime. Motive is the “who” and “why” of...
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