Computer programs can be protected under the

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Unformatted text preview: does protect against unauthorized copying and distribution of a work. It protects the form of expression rather than the subject matter. A patent deals more with the subject matter of an invention; copyright deals with how that invention is represented. In that respect, copyright is weaker than patent protection, but the duration of copyright protection is longer. People are provided copyright protection for life plus 50 years. Computer programs can be protected under the copyright law as literary works. The law protects both the source and object code, which can be an operating system, application, or database. In some instances, the law can protect not only the code, but also the structure, sequence, and organization. The user interface is part of the definition of a software application structure; therefore, one vendor cannot copy the exact composition of another vendor’s user interface. Trademark My trademark is my stupidity. Response: Good for you! A trademark is slightly different from a copyright in that it is used to protect a word, name, symbol, sound, shape, color, or combination of these. The reason a company would trademark one of these, or a combination, is that it represents their company (brand identity) to a group of people or to the world. Companies have marketing departments that work very hard in coming up with something new that will cause the company to be noticed and stand out in a crowd of competitors, and trademarking the result of this work with a government registrar is a way of properly protecting it and ensuring others cannot copy and use it. Companies cannot trademark a number or common word. This is why companies create new names—for example, Intel’s Pentium and Standard Oil’s Exxon. However, unique colors can be trademarked, as well as identifiable packaging, which is referred to as “trade dress.” Thus, Novell Red and UPS Brown are trademarked, as are some candy wrappers. N OTE NOTE In 1883, international harmonization of trademark...
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