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Unformatted text preview: oyee is considered a suspect in a computer crime. This department knows the laws and regulations pertaining to employee treatment and can work to protect the employee and the company at the same time. 18. A. Notes that are taken by an investigator will, in most cases, not be admissible in court as evidence. This is not seen as reliable information and can only be used by the investigator to help him remember activities during the investigation. 19. C. In most cases, computer-related evidence falls under the hearsay category, because it is seen as copies of the original data that are held in the computer itself and can be modified without any indication. Evidence is considered hearsay when there is no firsthand proof in place to validate it. 20. A. Before a company can monitor its employees, it is supposed to inform them that this type of activity can take place. If a company monitors an employee without telling him, this could be seen as an invasion of privacy. The employee had an expected level of privacy that was invaded. The company should implement monitoring capabilities into its security policy and employee security-awareness programs. 21. C. We have an infrastructure set up to investigate and prosecute crimes: law enforcement, laws, lawyers, courts, juries, judges, and so on. This infrastructure has a long history of prosecuting “traditional” crimes. Only in the last ten years or so have computer crimes been prosecuted more regularly; thus, these types of crimes are not fully rooted in the legal system with a...
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