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Unformatted text preview: ble, as in a company that makes tires that shred after a couple of years of use. The people who held high positions in this company were most likely aware of these conditions but chose to ignore them to keep profits up. Under administrative, criminal, and civil law, they may have to pay dearly for these decisions. N OTE NOTE A map illustrating some of the legal systems in use around the world can be found at www.juriglobe.ca/eng/index.php. The people who want to be successful in fighting crime over computer wires and airwaves must understand the mentality of the enemy, just as the police officers on the street must understand the mentality of the traditional types of criminal. Many times, when figuring out a computer crime, or any type of crime, one has to understand why and how crimes are committed. To be a good detective, one would need to know how a criminal thinks, what motivates him to do the things he does, what his goals and demons are, and how these are reflected in the crimes he commits. This is how the detective gets inside the criminal’s mind so she can predict his next move as well as understand what circumstances and environments are more prone to fraud and illegal acts. This is true with cybercrime. To properly stop, reduce, or prohibit cybercrime, it is best to know why people do what they do in the first place. Intellectual Property Laws Intellectual property laws do not necessarily look at who is right or wrong, but rather how a company can protect what it rightfully owns from unauthorized duplication or use, and what it can do if these laws are violated. A major issue in many intellectual property cases is what the company did to protect the resources it claims have been violated in one fashion or another. A company must go through many steps to protect resources that it claims to be intellectual property and must show that it exercised due care in its efforts to protect those resources. If an employee sends a file to a friend and the company attempts to terminate the employee based on the activity of illegally shar...
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