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Atrial Fibrillation_fall 2012

symptomsofaf symptomsofaf palpitations

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Unformatted text preview: HTN, age >75 yr, diabetes – 2 points Stroke or TIA – Score is then added up Resulting score used to determine most appropriate antithrombotic therapy (e.g. warfarin or aspirin) for patient Stroke Risk Stratification Stroke Risk Stratification Low risk – CHADS2 score = 0 Intermediate risk – CHADS2 score = 1 High risk – CHADS2 score ≥ 2 Definitions Definitions Paroxysmal AF – Duration < 7 days (often < 24 hours) – Terminates spontaneously Persistent AF – Duration > 7 days – Usually requires cardioversion (electrical or pharmacological) to restore sinus rhythm Definitions Definitions Recurrent AF ≥ 2 episodes of paroxysmal or persistent AF Permanent AF – Persistent AF that cannot be successfully converted to sinus rhythm OR – Patient isn’t a candidate for cardioversion Medical History Medical History Patient history – Duration of arrhythmia – Try to look for a cause!! Symptoms of AF Symptoms of AF Palpitations ↓ exercise tolerance Dizziness Syncope Fatigue Heart failure Dyspnea Weakness exacerbation Angina Physical Examination Physical Examination Irregularly, irregular ventricular rhythm Pulse deficit – Difference b...
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