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logicw5 - Topic How social media web sharing and similar...

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Topic: How social media, web sharing, and similar trends on the internet affect social and personal behaviors Communication Body language people do not understand anymore People lose empathy People may join groups and segregate themselves Personal information out to everyone in the world Obsessive behaviors Shopaholic People become within themselves and never leave their home Lose connection with reality Distractions in schools Thesis: Social media and similar trend on the internet have negatively affected communication greatly and has encouraged obsessive behaviors. Issue Summary: Social media has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade. But what exactly is social media? Social media are internet sites that people can communicate one, share picture and videos. The start of social media started in the late 60s entering the early 70s. People at first did not think the internet would hit off the way it has. The end of 2012, 2 billion people around the
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entire world use some form of social media. Now the issue of whether or not it affects you
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