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blacklikeme - what's up with whites who join black...

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t WHAT'S UP WITH WHITE GUYS WHO JOIN BLACK rRATS? ARE THEY TRYING TOO HARD, OR 19 IT JUST A CLASS THING? FTER THE SECRET ceremonv, after an hour of mvsncal nmu- 1k ._^ a(s, the seven voung men crossed the burning sands. They were Sigmas now, and their hollers iuled the house. Three of them - Mike Williams, Greg Parker and Clive Wright - P.arnered m the kicchen to perform one last nte of passaae: They took a coat hanger. is one end bent into the shape of the Greek letrer E. and heated it on the stove unni it glowed red, Then they tore ori their shtrts and held the bummg metal to their biceps. Everea Whitessde - known to his brother Sigmas as DJ Soul - didn!t want to get his arm branded that t•.ight Not then, not now. OF, he could handle the pain -":is only 30 seconds," he says. But here's the thing: A brand looks better on black skin. It puffs up more. On Evereti s white skin, he thinks, it just •..ouldn'r look good. _ Maybe a blue tatcoo. are Omeeas rorerer. Alohas Lke Da,d D:nkins and Andrew Young ..-.il p!ck E . the phone to lend a hacd I. fellow Alphzs And Super Bowl NIVP xxorMERTUNOtRiXES%IN:MARP.NP:iILLIPS,GREGPwP%ER,MI%ESn11AN5,O 'TSIl9nSON,RIC%nFOWM1,GREOIAQ(- SON, EVEREIT 9HRF-SIDE RODERICK nRADFORn. LACELL SHERMAN, DAINEt m£n5i£R,CHARLES CLANCY!,FiOM EEFTI To rne Srotnev of Phi Bata Sigma the 6randng more than a showv part of the black Greek mvsnque, such as the crowdpieasmg dznce routmcs <aaed snepp:ne, &.durg IS a sble sign of hFelong romsntment to the tra . rma and ^he hlack commumty. This is orue for the o'her naiiv black iratermrres: Alpha Ph, Alcha, Rappa Alpha Psi and Omega Pei Phi. Not everv brucSer gets branded ent Ome¢u Lxe IesseJaekson and blid:aelJordan Emmla Smith will be a Sigma all his hfe - his 61and was sisowing when he made the cover of Spor+s Uivsnated last year. And now white, Latino and Asun men a e lining up to Ioin black frarendrie3. Their numbers, though not official, srnce rewrds by ^ce are not kept, are wrpr^singly high- 'I ,.ouid 5ac ia abo,a 10 pereenr: savs Carter D. Womaek, national presidenr of the National Paml-ieller.ic Cour.dl W. Ted Smith, the e>ecutivq direccor of Fappa Alpna Psi, BY LAU40w= R-% aN% Rouwn STONE. MARCx 24, 1994 - 69 http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/reb88a00/pdf
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thinks it might be closer to 15 aercent But Womack, as well as other oflidzis I spoke to, say the numbers are growing. "It definitely is happening, it deAnirelv is on the inarase; says Alara Bryson, president of the Comeil chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. "But I don't want to call it a nend, because that makes it a fad" cosu a lot less than most of the white l;aternities. The traditionally black fraternities and sororities Joshua admits, "I probablv felt a litde closer to the are integrated, however. In 1986 a white student made ecnnomic class of this orgar.ization." In fa¢, he says, headiines when she joined Zeta Bera Phf, a trxdition- 'The three black kids I know in whire frarrrnities are ally black sororitv. The next year a white student, loaded They're rich" Mark Brafford, cTossed the burning sands to become a Sigma Then Jeff crossed in the spring o£ 1990, and
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