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LS308 Law and Society Unit 4 assignment
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LS308 Law and Society Unit 4 assignment Running Head: LS308 Law and Society Unit 4 assignment Douglas Kaye LS308 Law and Society Unit 4 Assignment December 4th, 2012 1.
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LS308 Law and Society Unit 4 assignment In their model, Nader and Todd recognize three stages in the dispute process: the grievance or preconflict, the conflict (or the claim), and the dispute stage. Their focus remains on a process that has the dispute as the end result (and as such as the archetypical case against which all other situations exist). The grievance or preconflict stage refers to a circumstance or condition which one perceives to be unjust, and the grounds for resentment or complaint. The grievance situation may erupt into conflict or it may wane. The path it will take is usually up to the party offended. The grievance may escalate by confrontation or may be avoided by curtailing further social interaction. The claim is basically some event or circumstance that is unacceptable and remediable. One who
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