compprogwritten5 - feet = TextBox1.Text If 141< feet<...

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Adam VanSlyke Comp. Programming Written Assign. 5 5.2 2.) C# 4.) B 6.) D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. 8.) False 14.) True 26.) False The compiler compares two strings working left to right to determine which character should precede the other. Digits precede uppercase letters, which precede lowercase letters. Therefore lowercase letters have the greatest value, then comes uppercase, and then number. The first character is given a value then compared to the first value of the other. If they are of equal value, it compares the next, and so on. 5.2 4.) Your change contains 3 dollars. 6.) 7 12 14.) Yes 24.) If (a < b < c) Then txtOutput.Text = b is between a and c End If 26.) “How tall (in feet) is the Statue of Liberty?”
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Unformatted text preview: feet = TextBox1.Text If 141 < feet < 161 And Not (feet = 151) Then lstOutput.Items.Add(“Close”) If feet = 161 Then lstOutput.Items.Add(“Correct”) lstOutput.Items.Add(“The statue is 151 feet from base to torch.”) 30.) 31.) 4.1 6.) a rose is a rose is a rose 12.) 1 potato 2 potato 3 potato 4 22.) 28.) Gabriel, in the year 2010 your age will be 30. 36.) 7 seven 46.) 48.) The purposes of sub procedures are to make a program easy to read, modify, and debug. They fill in the details of the event procedures. 4.2 8.) Approximate Annual Wage: $20,000 18.) What is the price of a bicycle? With tax, price is $200.00. 22.) 28.)...
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compprogwritten5 - feet = TextBox1.Text If 141< feet<...

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