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Adam VanSlyke Comp. Programming Exam 1 A. Short Answer (8 points) 1. What does GUI stand for and how do they work in VB? GUI stands for graphical user interface and it is the window that the user sees and interacts with when they open the program. In VB you create a GUI that allows the user to input any necessary data that it is needed for the program to function. It also can give them the output as well. 2. Explain in a paragraph or two how to develop and run a program in Visual Basic. The first step in developing and running your own program in VB is to ask what you would like to accomplish with the program. After that you should plan out all the necessary steps that will need to be taken to provide such a program. Many programmers like to plan using flowcharts, pseudocode, and hierarchy charts. After the planning stage the programmer should create the GUI, which will allow the user to input any data, and allow them to view an output. After those steps are complete it is time to write the code. Define your variables, write the equations, and define the output through the list box. After these steps you should begin to debug your program and make sure it works correctly by running it several times yourself. 3. Who developed COBOL and what other contributions did she make? Grace M. Hopper developed the COBOL programming language. Some other contributions she made are writing the first major subroutine that was used to calculate sin x, and she also coined the term “debugging” when a moth had fused itself on the wiring of a computer causing it to malfunction. 4. BASIC was developed for students at what college and for what purpose?
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compprogexam1 - Adam VanSlyke Comp Programming Exam 1 A...

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