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Desiree Wilcox December 3, 2007 Studio Art Final - Museum Art Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute I have visited this museum located in Utica, a city near my home, many times, mostly through school trips. I enjoy the museum because it holds a wide variety of many different forms of art. I also like that art classes are held here at the museum. I knew many students who took classes there and really enjoyed them. The museum even offers yoga classes, which tie together art and yoga! The museum is very informative and I really like the way it is set up. Because I enjoy painting, the paintings really intrigued me the most! Ink Prunus Shen Xiang This Chinese painting by Shen Xiang is very interesting to me. I really like the look of Chinese characters and in the upper right hand corner he has written some characters. His painting is long and painted in ink on top of silk. I like that the silk piece
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Unformatted text preview: is long and is unique. My favorite part of this piece is the many large brush strokes that he has added small details to in order to make the strokes look as if they were branches of a tree. I really like this piece because of it’s simplicity. Wall Street Ferry Terminal – Ferdinand Richardt This series of drawings were very interesting because of the details. They are drawn in graphite for the most part with very little shading but very large amounts of detail. This allows the drawings to look very realistic. They are all drawings of America between 1855 and 1859. I have been to some of the places he drew. Therefore, I was even more interested to see what these places looked like over a century ago! I myself have never seen the terminal in this drawing. That makes me much more interested. However, he drew Niagara Falls and I have been there. It looks much different now!...
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