Goya Foods Case Study - Emily Mohr Into To Marketing Dr....

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Emily Mohr Into To Marketing Dr. Mark Dobeck 10/12/07 Goya Foods Case Study Problem 1 Strengths - Goya Foods offers a wide variety of products to their customers. For example, customers can purchase their beans, dried, packed in water and salt or in sauce. This variety offers appeal to people with different needs for their cooking. - The differences between Cubans, Mexicans, Peruvians, etc. are taken into account when Goya is advertising their foods. They use standard Spanish names for products because each place has a local name for a product - Goya Foods is a company that really works together as a team. The employees are committed to the continuing the saying “If it’s Goya, Its got to be good.” Weaknesses - No matter how big or small a group is Goya targets them. This could cause Goya to loose money because they are willing to sell a product even if only a very small group of people are interested. This also takes up production time because machines have to be cleaned inbetween the different products being produced. So since there is much less product to be produced they are adding in lots of time the machines have to be switched to different products. - Goya spends money advertising to many different groups. Because they don’t just advertise to large groups, they need to hire more employees that will be able to work on advertising campaigns so they can still target all of their consumer groups. - Because Goya Foods is a family run company they need to worry about successors. If they do not prepare their up and coming family well, it could have some affects on the company’s continued success. Opportunities - Goya helps out greatly in the community. This helps them to keep a good image and people will be more likely to purchase Goya products if they have been supported by the company. - In the 1970’s Goya Foods started advertising to people outside the Hispanic community. This greatly improved their customer base because people realized that Goya products could be used in more than just Hispanic foods. -
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Goya Foods Case Study - Emily Mohr Into To Marketing Dr....

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