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This paper consists of thirteen (13) pages and instructions for the completion of a mark reading sheet. This examination paper remains the property of the University of South Africa and may not be removed from the examination room. Section A is a compulsory section, which you have to answer on a mark reading sheet. In section B, you must answer question 1 and then either question 2 or question 3.
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MNE 202-V MAY/JUNE 2009 2 SECTION A Answer the following 30 multiple-choice questions on the mark reading sheet. The questions are worth one (1) mark each, so the total for the section is 30 marks. Make sure that the following information appears on the mark reading sheet: your student number the module code (MNE202V) the unique number of the paper 1 Which of the following individuals are not entrepreneurs? a John and Sam buy old books which they resell at their flea market stall. b Mary turns part of her home into a day-care centre. c Jack resigns from his job as a teacher to manage his uncle’s restaurant. d Peter sells snacks at a soccer match for SAFA. He gets paid R20 an hour. 1 a b 2 b c 3 c d 4 a d 2 Which of the following characteristics distinguish the entrepreneurial venture from a small business? a innovation b competitive advantage c potential for growth d economic growth 1 a b 2 a c 3 b d 4 c d
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