500 specifies the directory services version 1 was

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Unformatted text preview: Certificate X.509 • Is a ITU-T Recommendation. Is ITU-T • Specifies the authentication service for X.500 Specifies directories directories • X.500 specifies the directory services. • Version 1 was published in 1988. • Version 2 was published in 1993. • Version 3 was proposed in 1994 and approved Version in 1997. in • Binds the subject (user's) name and the user's Binds public key. X.509 Certificate (cont..) X.509 • X09 certificate consists of the following fields: – – – – – – – – – – – Version Serial Number Algorithm Identifier Issuer name Validity period Subject name Subject public key information Issuer unique identifier (Version 2 & 3 only) Subject unique identifier (Version 2 & 3 only) Extensions (Version 3 only) Signature X.509 Certificate (Cont..) X.509 • Version 1 – Basic • Vers...
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