These keys are encrypted using the servers public key

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Unformatted text preview: ne number for the receiving channel and one for the sending channel. These keys are encrypted using the server's public key and then transmitted to the server. The client issues a challenge (some text encrypted with the The send key) to the server using the send symmetric key and waits for a response from the server that is using the receive symmetric key. symmetric Optional, server authenticates client Optional, Data is exchanged across the secure channel. Data Handshake protocol in SSL Secure Electronic Transactions ((SET • • • • • open encryption & security specification to protect Internet credit card transactions developed in 1996 by Mastercard, Visa etc not a payment system rather a set of security protocols & formats – secure communications amongst parties – trust from use of X.509v3 certificates – privacy by restricted info to those who need it Cryptographic Techniques Cryptographic • • • • • Secret Key Algorithm Public Key Algorithm Secure Hash Function Digital Signature Certificate Authority Secret Key Algorithm Secret S e c re t K e y S e c re t K e y E n c r y p t io n C le a r T e x t D e c r y p tio n C le a r T e x t C ip h e r T e x t Bob A lic e Public Key Algorithm Public A lic e 's...
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