Sends the unsigned certificate to a ca in a secure

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Unformatted text preview: es an unsigned certificate that includes a user ID and the user's public key – The client then sends the unsigned certificate to a CA in a secure manner Public Key Certificates • Step 2 – A CA creates a signature by calculating the hash code of the unsigned certificate and encrypting the hash code with the CA's private key • The encrypted hash code is the signature – The CA attaches the signature to the unsigned certificate and returns the now signed certificate to the client Public Key Certificates • Step 3 – The client may send its signed certificate to any other user – That user may verify that the certificate is valid by • Calculating the hash code of the certificate (not including the signature) • Decrypting the signature using the CA's public key • Comparing the hash code to the decrypted signature. Public Key Certificates • If all users subscribe to th...
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