The strength of a material is exceeded the and the

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Unformatted text preview: rmation? The strength of a material is exceeded, The and the material breaks or fractures. and Types of Stress Types The three types of stresses that rocks The commonly undergo are tensional stress, compressional stress, and shear stress compressional When rocks are squeezed or shortened When the stress is compressional Tensional stress is caused by rocks being pulled in opposite directions pulled Shear stress causes a body of rock to be Shear distorted distorted Types of Stress Types Folds Folds During mountain building, flat-lying sedimentary and During volcanic rocks are often bent into a series of wavelike ripples called folds ripples The three main types of folds are anticlines, synclines, The and monoclines and Anticline – formed by the upfolding, or arching, of rock layers rock Syncline – downfolds, or troughs, found in association with anticlines with The angle that a fold or fault makes with the horizontal The is called the dip of the fold or fault is Monocline – lar...
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