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SCI Week 6 DQ - Dehydration happens for the reason that...

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Dehydration happens for the reason that there is too much water missing, not an adequate amount of water consumed, or usually, a mixture. Diarrhea is the greatest mutual cause of Dehydration. People can loose a lot of water with each bowel movement Vomiting causes a lot of fluid loss, and it is hard to replace due to nausea. Sweating causes the body to lose water as it tries to cool itself can lose significant amounts of water in the form of sweat when it tries to cool itself. Diabetics lose water when their blood sugar is high. This causes sugar to spill in the urine, causing water to follow. In burns, the skin, which helps prevent water loss, is damaged. A disease of the skin, known as toxic epidermal necrolysis, can be associated with dehydration. Not drinking enough fluids is another cause of dehydration Fluid replacement is the treatment for dehydration. This may be attempted by replacing fluid by mouth, but if this fails, intravenous fluid (IV) may be required. Should oral rehydration be attempted, frequent small amounts of clear fluids should be used. Clear fluids include: water (please note that
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