Innocence and Power

Innocence and Power - Lindsay Van Vuren English 1301-100...

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Lindsay Van Vuren English 1301-100 1pm Due 10/25 Innocence and Power Every person deals with racism at least once. This racism that people have to deal with can be explained through a variety of opinions, An essay by Vincent Parrillo called “Causes of Prejudice,” and Shelby Steele’s essay, “I’m Black, You’re White, Who’s Innocent?” relate to this popular topic. The main idea of the essay, “Causes of Prejudice,” offers an in-depth explanation to what racism is and where it comes from and why people are still racist today. A central theme in the essay “I’m Black, You’re White, Who’s Innocent?” is that a person’s innocence brings them a sense of power. Through Vincent Parrillo and Shelby Steele’s essays, the idea that racism is an issue of power can be seen. In “Causes of Prejudice,” according to Parrillo, there are many factors that influence why humans are prejudiced towards other people and other groups. Parrillo gives four main points to explain the psychological aspect of prejudice. The levels of prejudice are cognitive, emotional, and action-oriented. The cognitive level deals with a person’s beliefs about a particular group, the emotional level deals with how a person feels about a group, and the action-oriented level deals with the tendency for certain people to think prejudice thoughts. Another factor that may influence why people are prejudice is actually how it is incorporated in their personality. Parrillo states that, in certain studies, people with an authoritarian personality are more likely to be highly
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Innocence and Power - Lindsay Van Vuren English 1301-100...

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